What is PRO-PLUS

is a 100% natural and revolutionary nutritional drink. It is made from very unique process and contains a vast amount of Anti-oxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acid and Phytonutrients designed to maximize the self-healing power of the body.

Benefits of PRO-PLUS
. A diverse source of Anti-oxidants
. Cleanses the body of Toxin and FREE-RADICALS
. Powerful cleansing agent during Detoxification
. Slows Aging and Reduces Fatigue
. Boosts the Immune System
. Enhances Endurance and Athletic Performance
. Helps to overcome Allergies and Environmental Sensitivities
. Healing Spray for Rashes, Burns and Fungal / Yeast Infection
. For an optimal intestinal flora and good Metabolism

 The importance of  ANTI-OXIDANTS

Anti-oxidants are substances that help the body in controlling oxidation reactions and neutralize the FREE-RADICALS. Anti-oxidants aide the immune system's ability to control infection, neutralize environmental toxins, and prevent DNA and cellular damage. Scientists now believe that damage cause by FREE-RADICALS is the major component in aging and most commonly occurring diseases.
What is EM-X
EM stands for a group of effective microorganisms which have been proven safe through their long history of use in food processing; such as, lactic acid bacteria and yeast and are collectively cultured in diluted molasses.
Some microorganisms are feared because of their harmful effects to human; however, many other microorganisms are known to produce beneficial substances. For example, lactic acid bacteria and yeast are well known to produce various kinds of vitamins and lactic acids. Yogurt, cheese and alcoholic beverages are made with the help of microorganisms. Use of beneficial microorganisms has existed since the early beginning of human history.
EM-X is an epoch making refreshment drink extracted from rice bran and sea weeds that were fermented with effective microorganisms (EM) and contains potent antioxidants. Major components of EM-X are minerals, antioxidants and bio-active substances.
Based on the firm belief that nature provides the best, EM-X does not include any artificial vitamins, Chinese medicine and chemical additives which are often added in other health drinks.
EM-X is made from only those substances provided in the fermentation process of natural products, and is rich with antioxidants, 40 kinds of minerals, and bio-active substances; such as, NAD, NMN, peptide, and such amino-acids as L-alanine and L-glutamine. It has a strong power to stop chain reactions that are initially caused by activated oxygen.
What are antioxidants?
Antioxidants, a term often used nowadays, mean the substances which prevent or slow oxidation.
Breathing is a type of oxidation process: Oxygen taken into the lungs is sent to all the cells in a body. Then the oxygen dissolves nutrients to obtain energy. Oxidation is a vital process to sustain human life; however, the same process brings harmful effects when it becomes overactive in the human body. Activated oxygen is the cause of harmful effects. Oxygen is generally stable, but looses its stability in the human body and becomes highly active. When such highly activated oxygen becomes over-abundant, it oxidizes and destroys everything that comes into its
The smallest unit of the human body is a cell. It is covered with membrane that contains unsaturated fatty acid which is similar to the major component of salad oil. Activated oxygen oxidizes unsaturated fatty acid to lipid peroxide, which causes malfunctioning of the cell membrane and in turn brings harmful effects to human body. Oxidation is a process in which a molecule gives up electrons and becomes unstable.
When activated oxygen becomes excessive, unsaturated fatty acid in cell membrane gives up its electrons. Antioxidants, if available, will provide electrons to the activated oxygen or to unsaturated fatty acid under oxidation and will restore them to a stable condition. Therefore, oxidation will not proceed if abundant antioxidants exist Antioxidants provide electrons to activated oxygen and other molecules which have
lost electrons and been unstable. Thus, antioxidants restore them to a stable condition. This is how antioxidants work to maintain a healthy body.

In modern living, the number of oxidants is increasing. Therefore, antioxidants are and will be more important. The major antioxidants in
EM-X are  a-toco-pherol, flavonoid,  g-oryzanol, ubiquinone, and lycopene. In addition to such antioxidants, EM-X contains different bio-active substances and minerals.
Unique Characters of EM-X
EM-X is a tasteless, odorless, transparent liquid with a golden tinge and has some unique physicochemical features: Chemical formula of water is H20. In studying physical properties of water, water is treated as (H20)n which is a cluster of many water molecules.
Seventy percent of the human body is water which are bonded clusters linked with different substances. The size of the cluster represents the activation degree of water. When three types of water; water in EM-X, tap water, and super pure water used to clean semiconductors, were measured by a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) tester, a cluster of the water in EM-X is measured approximately half the NMR of the tap
water and is as small as that of the super pure water. In addition, a measurement by a molecular vibration tester called Raman spectroscopy
was made to analyze water characteristics. The measurement results confirmed that characteristics of the water in EM-X are very similar to those of the super pure water. The same measurement also confirmed strong luminescence, which indicates the fact that EM?X contains many
different substances.Generally speaking, the more substances are contained, the larger the water cluster becomes.
However, the cluster of water in EM-X remains very small, flexible, and mobile. Because of this characteristic, the human body can easily absorb EM-X with all its antioxidants, bio-active substances, and minerals.
Summary of a lecture by Dr. Hiroko Kozawa held in the international Indian Centre in New Delhi
on 21 May 1996.
Over the past years the western, materialistically-oriented civilization has spread all over the world.
As a result our nutrients have become polluted with agricultural chemicals that are bought and sold
as ordinary goods. The number of deaths from cancer and chronic diseases continues to rise year
after year due to the following factors
1.  Increased ultraviolet radiation as a result of the destruction of the ozone layer.
2.  Increased heavy metal pollution of air, soil and water.
3.  Changes in eating habits (sugar consumption, chemical additives in foodstuffs)
4.  Chemically-polluted agricultural products, alcoholic beverages, chemical drugs, etc. These
can lead to oxidization processes in the body and to disease.
For anti-oxidization therapy I would especially recommend the consumption of whole rice (brown
rice), vegetables and seaweed, which have an antioxidant effect, supplemented by the consumption
of EM-X for the cure and prevention of disease and to maintain good health.
It is remarkable that whole rice has a much stronger antioxidant effect in comparison with white
rice or other grains.
The rice germ, especially, contains many antioxidant substances, and the outer layer of the rice
consists of fibres that are important in the diet. Consumption of such fibres with their effect on the
diet causes useful micro-organisms to multiply in the intestine, slowing down the development of
harmful germs.  These fibres bind with radioactive substances, heavy metals, chemical substances
and cholesterol and isolate them. This type of fibre ballast substances regulates bowel movement
and limits contact of carcinogenic substances with the mucous membrane of the intestine.
Vegetables also contain many antioxidants and vitamins.  
Certainly when comparing the content of organically-grown vegetables with that of chemically-
grown vegetables, we can establish that the former contain more vitamins and minerals and hence
more antioxidants.
Sugar consumption, chemically polluted agricultural products, refined carbohydrates, alcoholic
beverages and chemical drugs all stimulate oxidization in the body. Because these foodstuffs have
also already undergone an oxidization process (basically they are dead) before consumption, this
oxidization can cause disease and premature ageing.
The free radicals (i.e. active oxygen) that develop in the body cause fats to oxidize, proteins to
degenerate, enzymes to become inactive and nucleic acids to disintegrate. 
These are the changes that cause disease and premature ageing.
The EM-X used in my therapy is an enzyme-type antioxidant that develops with the aid of effective
micro-organisms.  The way it functions is that it slows down the development of tumour cells in the
body or destroys them; this occurs as a result of the increased susceptibility of these tumour cells to
natural killer cells. It increases the degree of immunity, i.e. the defence power of the natural killer
cells. On the other hand it is not a chemical drug and has no side effects, not even when taken for a
Therefore, in the first place EM-X is capable of preventing and curing disease because it isolates the
free radicals in the body. As a result, EM-X can speed up the healing process of almost all diseases, such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes, blood flow problems in the brain, Arrhythmia, Angina Pectoris,
heart infarcts, Morbus Crohn, Colitis, stomach ulcers, diseases of the liver, eczema,
Neurodermatitis, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue disorders, asthma,  cataracts etc.
When EM-X isolates the free radicals and renders them harmless, there is no accumulation of toxic,
i.e. oxidized, substances in the body. It should be remarked that chemical drugs have side effects
because they cause oxidization processes. EM-X has no side effects.
When first taking EM-X (at the start of the therapy) some patients may experience symptoms such
as fever, shivering, chemical pains and skin disorders that should be seen as a first reaction to the
disappearance of the free radicals or activated oxygen.  
These symptoms are not side effects such as arise in the case of chemical drugs. They are a brief
flare-up and a phenomenon of the excretion of toxic substances from the body. They are temporary
in nature, are necessary to cure the disease and must be accepted as such.
For example, a common cold is a process whereby the toxin (oxidized substance) that has
accumulated in the body will be removed from the body.
The removal of these toxic substances takes place in the form of mucous, causing us to cough and
sneeze; perspiration in the case of a fever and sickness and diarrhoea in the case of disorders of the
digestive tract.
Allopathic medicines however, block this excretory function of the body; in fact, taking chemical
substances even promotes the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. In the case of a cold,
antipyretics are prescribed for fever, anti-diarrhoeic remedies for diarrhoea, cough medicine for
coughs. In the case of cancer, anti-carcinogenic chemicals and radioactive ray treatment are used.
But all of these methods enhance the oxidization processes in the body and make a person even
more susceptible to fever.
The blocking effect of allopathic remedies in respect of the excretory function is for instance very
clear in the case of nasal dermatitis, asthma and so on, where steroid hormones are taken. As soon
as you stop taking the steroid hormones (cortisones) the body immediately starts to emit large
quantities of toxin that have accumulated.
This process reveals itself in asphyxiation attacks in the case of asthma and a rash all over the body
in the case of nasal dermatitis. In allopathic medicine this process is represented as a reversal
phenomenon, but it would be more accurate to view it as a disease caused by the doctor’s treatment.
The allopathic therapy hides and veils the symptoms by application of chemical drugs such as
steroid hormones, and the body behaves as if it has been cured. But this is not a true cure. If
someone really wishes to heal, they should consume only foodstuffs with an antioxidant effect, such
as whole rice, organically-grown vegetables and seaweed, that promote the excretion of toxic
This is where EM-X takes effect. You can be restored to full health by taking EM-X.  However,
false or different treatment phases with present-day foodstuffs are still causing the mortality rate to
increase, for example for cancer which is top of the list for causes of death in Japan.
The chemical substances and radioactive radiation can destroy the cancer cells, but because of their
strong susceptibility to oxidization they can oxidize every other cell in the body. As a result, not
only are cancer cells destroyed, but in all probability the cells that are susceptible to cancer will be
affected and a new tumour will develop.
 With the exception of those races living in extremely cold climates (Laps, Eskimos) human beings
can remain healthy by feeding on organically grown (chemical-free) vegetables. The world can be
freed of environmental pollution and no one would be threatened with starvation any longer.
If you look at it this way, there is only one way for humanity and all living creatures on earth to
remain healthy.
For anyone truly wishing to cure his disease thoroughly, a total reversal is required, not only
materially but also in our way of thinking, our way of life, and our spiritual attitude.

Research on the Antioxidant Components of EM-X and the Mechanisms of Action 
 by Nobuyuki Sato, Teruo Higa

a) College of Global Environmental Sciences, Interdisciplinary Innovation, IOND University, Hawaii, USA
b) College of Agriculture, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan 
Infections today are caused by mechanisms different from those of past infections. And, the time
until disease onset also tends to increase. These diseases definitely show a new trend different from
the diseases seen in the past. One of the causes is considered to be environmental pollution together
with the generation of various types of free  radicals such as the activated oxygen species. To
effectively eliminate these free radicals that have adverse effects on the body, a group of compounds
called antioxidants are attracting a great deal of attention recently. These substances included three
types; substances that directly remove free radicals in a scavenge manner, substances that promote
the activities of free-radical-eliminating enzymes called SOD, and lastly SOD-like compounds. As
for the anti-oxidation effect of EM-X, recent studies have confirmed clearly that it directly remove
bad types of free radicals. In this presentation, the results of research on the components of EM-X
and the nature of its mechanism of action, including those conducted in the past five years, will be
presented. We hope to communicate these data to clinicians so that they may use this product with
Research on antioxidant capability and effects of EM-X 
The first experiment using not very strong γ rays and irradiation was conducted for a
relatively long duration, and then we studied the effects of irradiation on the double helix structure
of super-coil type DNA derived from E. coli. In this experiment, electrophoresis was conducted first.
From the separated fingerprints, we input the data with an image scanner to find out the proportion
of CC type DNA that maintains a double helix structure and OC type DNA that shows a broken
down structure. From these areas, the proportion of residual CC type DNA was calculated. The
results showed that over 90% of CC type DNA remained intact in the presence of EM-X, showing
very potent antioxidation effect of EM-X.
ESR measurement and data analysis: The sample was taken out  of liquid nitrogen and rapidly
returned to room temperature. Then the sample was inserted in the cavity and measurement was
started. The time immediately after sample was melted was taken as time O, and measurement was
started 20 sec later. Seven measurements were made at intervals of 21.5 sec. The ESR spectrum was
measured at each time point. The time-related changes were plotted and extrapolated to find the ESP
spectral intensity at 1 sec immediately after sample was melted. This value became smaller when
EM samples had greater anti-oxidation capability. The intensity of DMPO-OH after the addition of
EM material was determined compared to the DMPO-OH value before addition of EM
In the other study, free radicals were generated with very strong irradiation, with simultaneous binding of
DNOP and OH. We studied how much OH was eliminated by EM-X during this process. Table 1 shows
the data of residual CC type DNA as an indication of the rate of radiation protection. From the data of CC
type and OC type DNA obtained in this study, it is clear that a large proportion of CC type DNA, which is
the genetic filament that has not received radiation damage, remain intact.
In this study, EM-X showed a DNA cleavage rate of 8.93% at the highest, suggesting that cleavage of the
double helix was almost completely suppressed. This  research also showed clearly a protective effect
against radiation. However, the  significance of the present study  lies in the data that the strong
anti-oxidation capability of EM-X against OH radicals results in strong prevention against DNA cleavage.
Fig. 3 shows the results of a study irradiated with very strong γ rays using a nuclear reactor at Kyoto
University. DNOP, a substance that captures OH  free radicals, was used and was measured by an
electron spin resonance instrument (ESR). The results clearly showed a high OH eliminating rate in
the presence of EM-X. These results suggest that regardless of  the SOD system, which is the
intrinsic system to captures free radicals in living body. EM-X independently eliminates OH free
radicals and superoxide anion radical-like free radicals. Since it is known that very strong  γ rays
produce large quantities of OH radicals with a short period of irradiation, these results suggest that
EM-X has a very strong action in capturing OH radicals.
Research on Components of EM-X 
The results of research on the components  of EM-X will be reported. These studies were
conducted from 1996 to 1997 in collaboration with the College of Science and Technology at Nihon
University, Higa Laboratory at the University of the Ryukyus, Toray Research Center, Inc. and
JEOL Ltd. These studies were conducted using  the same methods used for detecting natural
The results are shown in Table 3. EM-X has the characteristic that it possesses high polarity similar
to water, and the components are dissolved in an aqueous state. The study used a method that solated
or fractionated the components according to polarity. First, normal hexane, a solvent with low
polarity was mixed with EM-X at equal volumes and shaken in a separating funnel for 30 min. The
low polarity compounds in EM-X were transferred to the solvent. This procedure was repeated three
times to take variance into consideration and the  three solvents were mixed together. The solvent
was purified with various chromatographies. The  fraction of each compound at high purity was
further isolated by HPLC, and single compounds were obtained. The same procedures were
conducted with the high and moderate polarity fractions. We were able to isolate many fractions and
crystals. The chemical structures of the substances obtained were determined by NMR to identify
these substances.
From the relatively high polarity fraction, a vitamin B group was identified. In this vitamin group,
B1, 2 and 12 were detected. 
From the moderate polarity fraction, quercetin-3-O-glycopyranoside (quercitrin) and quercetin
(flavonoid), a group of vitamin P, were detected. In addition, saponin, a triterpene glycoside with
high polarity, was also detected as racemic compounds. Applying 1-butanol, a solvent with high
polarity, again to this fraction, further oligosaccharides such as rhaffinose and simple
monosaccharides such as glucose were also detected. 
By re-extracting the low polarity fraction with moderate and high polarity solvents, vitamin E as a
mixture of α, β,  γ, and σ racemic forms was detected. During  the process of chemical structure
determination using NMR and estimation by carbon and hydrogen atomic coupling, it was judged
that the racemic compounds were not composed of single compounds but contained a mixture of
racemic structures. Next, we succeeded to identify this mixture using a mass analytical instrument.
The low polarity fraction has the oil soluble property and so γ-olizanol and carotene do. By isolation
and purification, we detected carotene derived from the phototrophic bacteria. All these substances
are antioxidants.

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