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Secure A Steady Savings To Meet Your Needs

Everyone experiences different financial needs at different stages of life. Whether these stages of life are obstacles or opportunities may well depend on how well you are prepared in advance.

To achieve your key milestones in life be it your wedding, education, buying a house or that dream vacation, you need a plan that saves and protect your hard-earned money and at the same time see it grow to meet your financial needs.

HLA EverGain Plus is a regular premium investment-linked plan that enables you to save, accumulate wealth and at the same time providing you protection. Your savings will be invested in a series of funds which are designed with a unique profit lock-in system that gives you protected returns from market fluctuations at fund maturity.

This Plan ensures that your accumulated savings are protected from market risks and also secures you against uncertainties of life for you to achieve your dreams and life goals without worries.

Wealth Accumulation to fulfill your life goals

  • Your allocated premium will be invested into any funds of your choice to maximize your returns to build your savings nest for the future either for your wedding, your first house, or to meet any immediate emergency needs.
  • These funds are designed with a unique strategy that locks-in the highest boosted unit price, providing a minimum guaranteed unit price at fund maturity, thus safeguarding your accumulated fund from market uncertainties.


GuaranteedBonus Units

  • Extra units are automatically added from the beginning of year 7 onwards to boost up your savings.


Life Protection, the best gift for your loved ones

  • Receive a lump sum amount and fund value upon death, to free your loved ones from financial worries providing a peace of mind to go through life

Financial Independence

  • Be rest assured that you will be financially protected with TPD &OAD coverage, giving you and your family a peace of mind to go through daily life without financial worries.


Ultimate Flexibility

  • You have the flexibility to opt for reduced paid up plan as early as the 3rd policy anniversary, to lessen your financial commitment at difficult times, provided there is sufficient fund to pay for the one-time charge.
  • When sufficient fund has been built, you may choose to go for a premium holiday which uses your fund value to meet the monthly charges while having your policy secured.


Optional benefits

  • You can enhance your financial protection with optional add-on benefits / riders to free you from your financial liabilities


Tax Relief

  • This policy may qualify you for tax relief under Life Insurance category, subject to the final decision of the Inland Revenue Board.

Who can apply/Eligibility tab

This policy is suitable for individuals who are looking for a secure and steady savings plan.



Entry age of the Life Assured

Minimum : 6 years old
Maximum : 70 years old

Age of the Policy Owner

Minimum : 16 years old

Basic Sum Assured

Minimum : Depends on your entry age or subject to minumum of RM 10,000
Maximum : Subject to underwriting

Annualized Premium

Minimum : RM1,200
Maximum : Subject to underwriting

Payment Frequency

Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly & yearly

Policy Term

20 & 25 years

Complement this plan with our wide range of supplementary benefits / riders.

Optional BenefitsApplicable Riders for 1st Life AssuredDescription
Life Protection
  • TermShield Rider
A term rider which provides coverage against Death and Total & Permanent Disability(TPD)..
  • HLA MediShield Rider

    (Optional Benefits: Million Extra & Overseas Treatment for Selected Surgeries)
A medical plan go up age 100 which offers different choice ofdeductible amount prior to and after attaining the retirement age of 60 years old.

Million Extra and Overseas Treatment for Selected Surgeries are available in the form of optional benefits to thisRider.

MediCare Funding Rider is available for this Rider as a regular top up option. It is allowed to add from inception onwards up to the last rideranniversary prior to expiry of HLA MediShield Rider.

  • Hospital Cash IncomeRider
A Premium Paying Rider with Unitization which provides a fixed daily Hospitalisation Benefit of RM50 per unit when the Life Assured is hospitalised.
Critical Illness
  • Accelerated Critical Illness Rider
Provides lump sum benefit upon Critical Illness. Benefit payment is an advance payment of the basic coverage which will reduce the Basic Sum Assured accordingly.

  • Diabetes Wellness CareRider
Specially designed for Diabetic Patients with lump sum benefit upon Death or 5 specific Critical Illnesses/ Condition.

  • CI Care Rider
A Premium Paying Rider with Unitsation which provides coverage against 36 critical illnesses.

  • Junior CI Care Rider
Premium Paying Rider with Unitsation which provides coverage on Juvenile Critical illness, common 36 Critical Illness Benefit and Hospitalisation Benefit.

  • Total CI Care Rider
A Premium Paying Rider with Unitsation which provides coverage against 8 categories of critical illness and conditions from early to advance stages. Amount claimable is up to 800%.
Guaranteed Cash
  • EverCash Rider

Provides guaranteed yearly income starting from end of 6th year up to expiry.

  • EverCash 1 Rider
Provides guaranteed yearly income starting from end of 1st year up to expiry.
Accidental Coverage
  • Personal Accident Rider

Provides lump sum benefit upon accidental death or total /partial permanent disability.

  • Accidental Daily Hospitalisation IncomeRider
Provides daily income up to a maximum of 730 days upon hospitalization due to accident.

  • Accidental Death & Compassionate Allowance Rider
Provides lump sum benefit and compassionate allowance upon death due to accident.

  • Accidental Medical Reimbursement Rider
Provides reimbursement on medical and surgical expenses incurred due to accident.

  • Accidental WeeklyIndemnityRider

Provides weekly indemnity up to a maximum of 104 weeks upon temporary disability due to accident.
  • Accidental TPD Monthly Living Allowance Rider
Provides monthly living allowance up to a maximum of 180 months upon TPD due to accident.
  • TPD Yearly Living Allowance Rider
Provides yearly living allowance upon Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) of the Life Assured due to any cause.
  • Critical Illness Waiver of Premium Rider
Provides waiver of premium upon Critical Illness.
  • TPD Waiver of PremiumRider
Provides waiver of premium upon TPD.
Applicable Riders for Policy OwnerDescription
  • Living Care Waiver of Premium Rider
Provides waiver of premium upon Death, TPD or Critical Illness.
  • Waiver of Premium Rider
Provides waiver of premium upon Death or TPD.

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Vision & Mission

HLA Vision

Our pursuit of excellence is a continuous journey as our Vision is to be the ‘Insurer of Choice' in Malaysia, through our entrepreneurship spirit to meet and exceed customers' expectation.

HLA Mission

We are committed to providing financial security and peace of mind to our customers through:

  • Innovative and quality products
  • Customized solutions to meet customers' needs at different stages of their lives
  • Excellent service via a large network of branches and agents

We aim to make every encounter with HLA a truly exceptional one!

HLA Values

HLA's essence of entrepreneurship is guided by a strong set of LIFE values:

Listen – we listen to our customers as well as the market to understand their financial and protection needs
Innovate – we innovate our product solutions to meet our customers' needs
Fulfill – we fulfill the needs of our customers and build long-term relationships at every stage of their lives
Energise – we are energetic and constantly look for new opportunities to serve our customers better.

Hong Leong Group Values

Hong Leong Group firmly believes that its core values form its foundations and framework. Its values build its character; they are the binding cord that holds the people together, the driving force towards the successful accomplishment of the Group’s Vision.


To consistently provide goods and services of the highest quality at affordable prices.

To pursue management vision and foster entrepreneurship.

To nurture and be committed to innovation

To conduct business with honour.

Human Resource
To enhance the quality of human resources as the essence of management excellence.

To ensure oneness in purpose, harmony and friendship in the pursuit of prosperity for all.

To improve existing operations and to position for expansion and new opportunities.

Social Responsibility
To create wealth for the betterment of society.


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