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This picture was taken on 24/6/2013

Last week, the haze from Indonesia sent Singapore to its record high Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) reading of 401, which was considered “very hazardous” according to the city-state's National Environment Agency and led residents scrambling for N95 masks in many pharmacies and hospitals.

With the haze dissipating in Singapore over the weekend, Malaysia is now experiencing its worst haze crisis since 1997, with the Malaysian government declaring a state of emergency in two southern districts.

Environment minister of Malaysia, G. Palanivel, said the air pollutant index (API) hit 750 in the town of Muar -- the highest reading seen in Malaysia for 16 years -- Sunday morning, with two other southern towns also reaching hazardous levels.
An API level of more than 300 is defined as "hazardous" in Malaysia.

The smell of smoke permeated the city and the twin Petronas Towers that dominate the skyline were invisible from just a short distance away, while many city residents donned facial masks.

Malaysia's API rated the capital's air "unhealthy".

The Muar pollution reading was Malaysia's highest since the API hit 860 during a severe 1997-1998 haze crisis that gripped the region and thrust the issue onto the Southeast Asian agenda.

An emergency was also declared in 2005 when readings soared above 500.

Under the emergency, all non-essential places of employment in the private and public sector are advised to shut down.

Authorities also decided late Sunday to close all schools in the capital and at least four states which have been hit by unhealthy air.

Hundreds of schools have been closed since Thursday in the southern Malaysian state of Johor, which borders Singapore.

As of 7:00am this morning, Muar, State of Johor, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur remain in the “unhealthy” API level, with Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan being the only area stranded in the “hazardous” level with an API of 335.

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