Schedule Of India Holy Trip

Schedule Of India Holy Trip

We are planning a trip to our India Ashram on the next year, 2012. This is a trip that within 10 days and 9 nights. The fares for hotel, vegefood, entrance

1st day of February 2012 : We depart from Kuala Lumpur(KUL) by Air Asia’s Flight(AK 231) to Tiruchirappalli(TRZ).Depart from 0740 and arrive at 0855.After reached Tiruchi, we go to Sri Renggam Temple.At night, we rest at Tiruchi.

2nd day of February 2012 : We go to Rameswaram Temple.Bath 22 Well and look forward to Rama’s footprint.After that, we go to Tanushkodi.At night, we rest at Rameswaram.

3rd day of February 2012 : We go to Madurai Meerakshi Amman Temple, Alagar Malai Temple and Palamuthir Colahi Temple.At night, we rest at Madurai.

4th day of February 2012 : We go to Ancient Village Temple, Palani Malai Murugam Temple and we go to Kodaikanal Highlands, a place that considered quite cold weather like M’sia Genting Highlands.At night, we rest at Palani.

5th day of February 2012 : We go to Kurinji Andeyar Temple, Waterfall that well-known as suicide point and Guna Caves.At night, we rest at Oothy Highlands.

6th day of February 2012 : We go to tour Oothy Highlands Area.After that, we go to Mysoore Shamundi Temple and Mysoore King Palace.At night, we rest at Bangalore.

7th day of February 2012 with 8th day of February 2012 : We go to Cuddapah Sri Paramahamsa Sachidananda Yogeeshwar Mathalayam, Bangalore.At night, we rest at Bangalore Ashram and Thiruppathi Balaji Temple.

9th day of February 2012 : We enjoy our trip and shopping at Bangalore.At night, we stay at Bangalore Ashram.

10th day of February 2012 : We fly back to Kuala Lumpur, M’sia by Air Asia’s Flight(AK 212) from Bangalore, India.Depart 1730 and arrive 0010 (+1day).

So, enjoy our India Holy Trip that seems like Muslim go for their Haji and we should be proud that can join this trip that organized by Guru Hanumanda. All of us should be pleasure that can join this trip to India because you are the one of the 16 people that join this trip so hurry booking a sit for going to this trip. You may contact Sakti Barbara as soon as possible.So, here’re some information about the budget of this trip :

Depart KUL to TRZ (AK 231)


February 2012 7.40am*to 8.55am~

KUL = Kuala Lumpur


TRZ = Tiruchirappalli

1 Guest @ 466.00MYR466.00MYR

* = Malaysia's time

Airport charges & fees25.00MYR

~ = India's time

Total :491.00MYR

MYR = Malaysian Ringgit


Depart BLR to KUL (AK 212)


February 2012 5.30pm to 12.10am(+1day)

BLR = Bangalore


KUL = Kuala Lumpur

1 Guest @≈332.74MYR ≈332.74MYR

MYR = Malaysian Ringgit

Airport charges & fees 139.55MYR

Total : 472.29MYR


Hotel, Transport, VegeFood & Entrance Fees


Flight Ticket

RM 970.00±


RM 180.00±


RM 3950.00±

Attn : The budget table on the above are estimated by April 2011. These are an estimate budget of India Holy Trip for the next year on the middle of February. The exact budget will be re-update soon on the January of 2012.