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The Founder Story,

Master Patriq Chang is the founder of Innerstar International (M) Sdn. Bhd. Master Patriq was born in Kajang, a small town near to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He went alone to venture into business in the United States at the age of 17. Master Patriq established his successful career foundation at the age 21 ...continue read 


The INNERSTAR system         INNERSTAR adopts a powerful formula developed by Grand Master Patriq Chang for tapping the metaphysical energy of the universe. This unique and effective method is a fusion of the esoteric knowledge from both East and West which has been used and taught by adepts in this science for more than 3,000 years. Grand Master Patriq Chang has devoted more than 16 years to extensive research in the field of UNIVERSAL INNERGY and has perfected the method developed by him after many years of dedicated effort. At present INNERSTAR provides the only system in the world which is capable of analyzing, balancing and controlling the human INNERGY flow present in everyone, home and businesses. The INNERSTAR system is so powerful it can even reach beyond the reading of a person’s immediate future and accurately forecast that which lies further ahead. Read More...


In this challenging world,  “INNERSTAR Personal Foundation Program is the Key to Success. It design to catalyze the process of improving your personal foundation.

Every building sits on a foundation. If the foundation is solid the integrity of the building is greatly enhanced. If the foundation is faulty it doesn’t matter how much time, effort, or money goes into the building. That building will always be lacking in integrity. The same can be said of the life we build for yourselves. Without a solid foundation you will never really achieve the quality of life you long for ...continue read 

“ INNERSTAR Personal Foundation Program” : Why this program ?

*   One of the most effective and reliable program that proven by thousands of  
                 satisfied clients.

*   With Step  By Step , Level to level with professionally guidance 
                 base on your birth Innergy structure and your current Innergy flows.  

*    Continuous close Supervision by Qualified Innerstar Masters with full 
                 monitoring by Grand Master.

*    Inclusive of  3 Level Courses :

 i )   Course 1 -  INNERGY ACTIVATION -  The Activation and  Balance of Yin & Yang Characteristic

ii )  Course 2 -  CHAKRA ACTIVATION  – The Cleansing , Healing , Enhance and Flourishing for your                                                                               Inner self.

iii )  Course 3 -  Physical Mind  – A Physical Guidance of  how to travel through your  Life Path   



The “INNERSTAR – Book of Life” is design to help you understand your unique strengths and indentify areas to enhance your personal and professional effectiveness. The personal characteristics have both positive aspects and liabilities. Your Goal in using this report should be to learn about yourself, so that you will be able to capitalize on the assets in you and minimize the effect of their downside potential. The more you understand how to balance yourself , the better you be able to work to your full potential, and make decisions that result in greater satisfaction.

The focus of  “INNERSTAR – Book of Life” is on your personal characteristics base on your Birth Innergy Structure and Behaviors that base on your current life style environment that influence how you perform in relationship and in career ...continue read  

The Chakra


Most people are not aware that they have a life force energy that is actually run by something that is called a chakra. The chakra is believed to be an axis point on a persons being that interacts with their chakra. The term chakra comes is a Sanskrit term and it means a constantly spinning wheel or a mans aural energy. Each person has what is called, life force energy, and this is run by their chakra.

The Root Chakra – The root chakra is the first chakra and is connected to the body and earth. The function of the root chakra is to stabilize and maintain the balance of the chakras. It works as the steady foundation and when functioning well, the root chakra will provide you with a secure and safe feeling. You will feel grounded and in contact with the earth.

The Sacral Chakra – The sacral or navel chakra is the location for our creativity. It is in this chakra we find our originality and inspiration. When the sacral chakra is open and functioning well, we are able to create and use our imagination. All our creative abilities such as artistic talents, our painting and drawing skills, our poetic talents and our ability to express ourselves in writings, comes from the sacral chakra.

The Solar Plexus Chakra – The solar plexus react very strongly to emotions and whenever we get butterflies in our stomachs, we are experiencing the reaction of the solar plexus.It is also in the solar plexus our will-power is placed and our personality. When the solar plexus chakra is open and healthy we will feel that we have a strong will and that we are very confident in our selves and our individual characteristics. We are allowing our true personality to show. We are confident are not afraid to make our own choices and stand up to people.

The Heart Chakra – The heart chakra is the chakra of love and compassion. It is from this chakra we feel love for other people and are able to feel concern and sympathy. The heart chakra is also here we are able to feel unconditionally love, which is the strongest and purest feeling we have.

The Throat Chakra – The throat chakra controls our self-expression and our ability to speak and communicate with the world. A healthy and open throat chakra will allow us to speak freely and clearly and truthfully. It allows us to speak our opinions and beliefs.

The 3rd Eye Chakra – The 3rd eye chakra is our window to the spiritual world and what lies beyond this physical world. A complete open and active 3rd eye chakra will give us the ability to see and experience the ‘supernatural’. It will be our doorway into another realms and other existences.

The Crown Chakra – The Crown chakra, which is also the symbol of purity and spirituality. It is considered the chakra with the highest energy. It also stands for freedom and can bring a person a sense of understanding, wisdom, and enlightenment and helps guide their spiritual growth. It is a very important Chakra, as it helps to balance all the other six chakras. It is also connected with joy, faith, peace and beauty. It’s the chakra that is allegedly connected to spiritual astral projection where a person can leave their physical body. It also controls a person’s values, morals, and ethics.


The EXNERGY is an advanced contemporary Fengshui system. The Innerstar formula for promoting Exnergy developed by Master Patriq Chang gives a vey high degree of accuracy in readings and is extremely effective. The Exnergy, also known a Universal Innergy Fengshui,..continue read

Exnergy Products



TYPE :Custom-made with Special Innergy Code etched in and programmed to suit Natural Innergy of a particular locale.

FUNCTION : Releases negative energy from the locale and opens up a whole new set of positive energy fields conducive for love, contentment and prosperity.

IMPACT : Fosters harmony and abundance in one’s life situations and builds a protective shield around the locale by attracting positive “Chi” which promotes a healthier lifestyle, personal wealth and enrichment of social status.



The improvised term BYRAMID reflects the combination of the Pyramid and the Chinese Baqua, a symbol with eight segments, each representing a particular facet of human existence. These eight facets are marriage, fame, wealth, family, career, learning, charity and posterity. A BYRAMID may be installed within any premises, whether residential, commercial or industrial, with a Special Code programmed to suit the energy flow of a particular locale.

When the Byramid is activated, it serves as a powerful energy shield which repels the dangerous energy “Sha” as well as the negative “Chi” energy, and in turn absorbs the “Chi” energy which fosters good luck. The Byramid has unlimited powers in bringing about the removal of obstacles and the dissolution of problems and difficulties. It further attracts happy matrimonial prospects, wards off marital infidelity and fosters harmony and abundance in all situations of life.

TYPE : Custom-made size conforms to Innergy requirements of a particular locale. Activated with Special Code programmed.

FUNCTION : Balances Innergy of any weak fields and converts it into positive Innergy fields to boost daily life situations.

IMPACT : Fosters inner contentment, a joyful, healthy life and true happiness. Further boosts positive good-luck Innergy and enhances prosperity.



The Crown is an extremely powerful energetic protective tool used in Universal Innergy FengShui to deflect and diffuse negative energy (also known as Sha Qi) and to protect homes and places of business. It consists of a selected Crystal ball and containing special minerals by auditing the surrounding Chi and the Exnergy of the home or business. All Crown are special made order and activation to match individual home or business only.


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