Wong Ngie Chiung
HP: 0198542259

High hand phone bill resolution
Enjoy Cheaper Call Rates. (RM0.10 per minutes)
Enjoy free call to members. (600-3000 Minutes)  
Enjoy free to internet. (Unlimited free 3.5G mobile broadband)
Lift time member fee.  (RM20.00 only)
Q. Who are wellcomed?
A. Anyone who works in Malaysia.
Q. What handphone operator's line?
A. Celcom only.
Q. If I am not using Celcom's line, may I join member?
A. Yes. You must MNP to Celcom.
Q. Do I need monthly fee?
A. No, the commitment is used for deduct your air time.
Q. What is the cheapest package of this plan?
A. Commitment fee RM28.00, call 140-186.5 minutes  
     excluded 600 minutes free call to members.
Q. If my call is more then 186.5 minutes monthly, any bigger
A. Yes, with commitment fee of RM48.00, you can call 320-
     480 minutes excluded 3000 minutes free call to
     members. 300 free SMS to Celcom HP Nos. If your 
     present monthly air time is above 784 minutes, bigger
     package will save more.
Q. If my air time above 784 minutes, what can I do?
A. With commitment fee of RM98.00, you can have 980
     minutes airtime excluded 3000 minutes free call to
     This package is designed for user with call 784-1480
      minutes only. If above 1480 minutes, see next.
Q. My usage is above 1480 minutes, which packge is best for
A. With commitment fee of RM148.00, you can call 1480
     minutes excluded 3000 minutes free call to members. At
     the same time, free unlimited 3.5G access to internet.
Q. How to save hand phone bill?
A. Choose 1 plan of above to match your need and change
     your present bill plan to it.
     If your present HP operator is not Celcom, MNP port in
     to Celcom.
Q. Which plan most suitable for me?
A. Let me know your monthly usage or monthly reload
     amount and we will caculate and design a most suitable
     plan for you.
Q. How can I save more?
A. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, downlines,
     business partners etc to join the 1 of above plan, then you
     can call them free. They can enjoy same benefit too.
Q. How many members are in the group now?
A. At the moment, there are 384 members included few
    GBS2U members. 55 membership are in progress.
Q. Who can do it for me?
A. Click on my PROFILE and find out who am I.
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