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Since its establishment in 1952 in Singapore and 1974 in Malaysia, the PATHLAB group of companies has been providing its services to the medical fraternity and the general public. PATHLAB offers a total healthcare solution in helping the community in monitoring, maintaining and protecting one’s health.

PATHLAB has been growing in tandem with the progressive healthcare industry of the region. Today, it is one of the largest medical testing groups in South-East Asia, with more than 70 operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Cambodia.

Our Vision

To become the largest private healthcare and medical testing group in Asia.

Our Mission

To be the business leader in providing technologically advanced healthcare services and products to satisfy the needs of the community.

Corporate Philosophy

Pathlab is dedicated to the provision of quality health care for its community and to accomplishing its mission by:

check, ok, red, yes icon Providing excellent service is our goal

check, ok, red, yes icon Assuring customer satisfaction is our role

check, ok, red, yes icon Teamwork is practiced to ensure improvement

check, ok, red, yes icon Helping to serve the community is our commitment

check, ok, red, yes icon Leading the industry is our vision

check, ok, red, yes icon Achieving quality is our organization

check, ok, red, yes icon Being reliable in all our actions


Philip Chin
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Chin Chai Nee (Betty) 
014-967 5526
Chin Nyuk Yu (Philip)  016-878 6800
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Jenny Tang  012-805 5101
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Ong Ngee Ming (Alice)  012-871 0580
Wong Ha Lung  013-560 6668
Lau Cheng Yiu (Yutech)  016-878 9878
Hoo Ing (Wong Ping Ing's wife)  016-886 4030
Wong Wang Ping  016-870 3863
Hong Siew Ting  019-489 9743
Hoo Tai Sing  012-878 7855
Sim Chiew Chong (Albert)  016-878 6600
Tan Bee Kim (Shirley)  012-878 1616
Wee Peng Hoe (Andy)  013-833 6626
Law Siaw  Tieng  013-809 1888
Law Ming Sheng  012-878 1616

MediSavers 2.0 (Super Protector) 保健医药卡
What coverage have you choose?
Is that a Medical Card?
Is the limit sufficient?

It’s important to ensure your
“Peace of Mind” during hospitalization.
Thus, do not regret when you are not
well protected or sufficiently
protected by a medical insurance

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