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Accident do happen....And they happen anytime,anywhere                                                                                    


Invest in AmPro Personal Accident Plan -- a complete plan that's tailor-made to take care of your well being,whether you are work,at play or on a vacation.With protection against accidental death,disability and hospitalization 24 hours a day anywhere in the world,you can rest assured that you will not be left in financial stress in the event of an unfortunate accident.

AmPro Personal Accident Plan offers you extensive coverage at affordable premium according to your different needs.

Accidental Death Benefit                                             

Permanent Disablement                                               

Should an accident occur resulting in permanent disability,we will pay in one lump sum.

- Cosmetic surgery up to RM 5,000

- The use of wheelchair up RM 500

- Artificial limbs up to RM 2,000

Medical Expenses and Traditional Treatment                                          

AmPro Personal Accident Plan provides you reimbursement of expenses up to the sum insured including hospital room and board,clinical,outpatient and surgical treatment.

- Ambulance fees up to RM 400 per accident

- Sinseh / dukun traditional treatment up to RM 400 per accident


- Up to RM 200 for the cost of medical report and post-mortem report

Amount of coverage
Amount Premium
I. Death due to Accident
RM 100.000


RM 180 ( inclusive of stamp duty )

II. Permanent Disablement
RM 100.000
III. Medical Expenses
RM 5,000 ( maximum )
IV. Hospital benefits
(per accident )
- Allowance
( If hspitalised for more than 24 hours )
- Recovering Allowance
- Ambulance Fees



RM 200

RM 1,500 ( maximum )
RM 400 ( maximum )
V. Weekly Benefits
RM 100 per week

Note :

  • 1. Each applicant is entitled to apply for one policy only.
  • 2. Option for Class 1 & 2 occupation only.Sum insured for Death & Disablement may be increased up to a
  • maximum of RM 520,000 with additional premium of RM 10.00 per RM 10,000


Easy Payment Plan *

0% Easy Payment Plan - Exclusively to AmBank Credit Cardholders.You can now enjoy 0% Easy Payment Plan (EPP) and pay as low as RM 20 per month for your premium.

* For RM 160,000 Sum Assured


Apart from the medical expenses banefits,we will cover you for the following hospitalization benefits :

- Daily cash allowance of RM 200,up to a maximum of 7 days,is payable to you for each day of hospitalization ( if hospitalized for more than 24 hours ).Additional RM 100 cash benefit a day is payable up to 5 gays only if you are hospitalized in a government hospital.

- Post hospitalization treatment allowance ( within 31 days from discharge ) up to RM 1,500 in addition to all other benefits.

- Payable up to RM 100 ( per accident ) for reimbursement of public transport fare incurred by the Insured's next of kin.

Weekly Benefits

In the event of an accident resulting in temporary total and partial disablement and prevent you from attending to your work,we will pay a weekly benefit of RM 100 per week up to a maximum of 104 weeks.

Funeral Expenses

We will also provide RM 5,000 as funeral expenses in the event of accidental death.

Table Benefits


Hospitalisation Benefits                                                

AmPro Personal Accident Plan also extends this coverage to include :

In the event of accidental death,we will pay :

- The Capital Sum insured in one lump sum

- Advanced cash benefit equivalent to 10% of the Capital Sum insured as emergency cash to your named nominee.

What's more,if death occurs in the event of an accident whilst travelling as a fare paying passenger on any mode of public transport,we will pay double the Capital Sum Insured in one lump sum.

AmPro Personal Accident INSURANCE

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