Personal Accident Insurance
1) Premier PA Partner
From as low as RM7.10 per month, this policy provides 24 hours worldwide cover including accidental death or bodily injury.
Age limit and eligibility for this policy covers people between the age of 1 month to 65 years old and up to 80 years old for renewals.
Higher coverage up to RM1,000,000 with additional coverage such as cashless hospital admission facility, repatriation expenses, kidnap benefit, etc.

To many, accident cover is just a waste of money. The very thought alone is terrifying but it’s mostly ignored because of a common misconception that it’ll never happen to us. In reality, without proper planning – your death or dismemberment in a serious accident will leave your family in dire financial straits. Accidents happen in places where you and your family spend the most time – at work, in the home or during sports and leisure activities.
Tokio Marine’s Premier PA Partner is designed to see you and your family through the unexpected with total reliance that someone will be there, when you can’t.

- Death
- Permanent Disablement
- Medical Expenses including for Dengue, Malaria, JE
- Daily Hospital Cash
- Weekly Benefits (Optional)
- Ambulance Fees
- Bereavement Allowance (death due to Dengue, Malaria, JE)
- Blood Transfusion
- Cashless Hospital Admission Facility (due to accident)
- Corrective Dental & Cosmetic Surgery
- Coma
- Travel Allowance
- Double Indemnity (not applicable to the additional cover for Death & Permanent benefits under Optional Cover)
- Funeral Expenses (Accidental Death)
- Kidnap Benefit
- Permanent Disablement To Genitalia
- Prostheses/Wheelchair
- Renewal Bonus
- Repatriation Expenses
- Miscarriage due to Motor Vehicle Accident
- Snatch Theft
2) Family PA Partner
Reimbursement up to the limit as specified for charges by the hospital or by a private ambulance company for emergency/ambulance response and treatment on the Insured in respect of any accident bodily injury sustained.
A daily cash allowance for each complete day of confinement in a registered hospital for treatment of bodily injury resulting from a covered accident provided such hospitalization must occur with 14 days of the accident.
Payment of the amount as specified upon discharge of the Insured from the hospitalization of a period exceeding 7 days as a result of a covered accident.
Having a family to come home to is the ultimate joy you’ve ever experienced. Loved ones are the little treasures that give that extra meaning and fulfillment as you journey through life. 
- Death
- Permanent Disablement
- Medical Expenses
- Ambulance Fees
- Bereavement Allowance
- Hospital Income
- Repatriation Expenses
- Rehabilitation Allowance
- Purchase of orthopedic Equipment
- Travel Allowance
- Renewal Bonus
- Double Indemnity
3) Travel Partner
Covers Travel Delay, Missed Departure, Flight Misconnection, Overbooked Flight.
Covers loss of Personal Money and Travel Documents, Loss of Travel Deposits/Travel Package Payment, Personal luggage and Personal Effects.
Medical expenses including post hospitalisation, compassionate care, child care & emergency medical evacuation expenses and Hospital Allowance.
For peace of mind wherever you travel. A comprehensive travel insurance that makes travel a smoother experience.Every time you travel, you broaden your horizons, enrich your experience and fulfill your need to discovery, adventure and excitement. Traveling is often one of the most satisfying pursuit in life and while you are out there heightening your senses and immersing yourself in the exotic culture of countries abroad, it is always a relief to know that Tokio Marine Travel Partner lets you do so without a worry in mind.
Medical Assistance
- Medical Consultation
- Medical Referral and Arrangement for Medical Appointments
- Emergency Medical Evacuation
- Medically Supervised Repatriation
- Dispatch of Essential Medication /
Medical Equipment Not Locally Available
- Monitoring of Medical Condition
- Compassionate Care
- Child Care
- Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Travel Assistance
- Inoculation, Passport and Visa Information
- Weather and Foreign Exchange Information
- Location of Lost Items / Personal Belongings
- Consulate / Embassy Referral
-  Flight Information

4) Domestic Travel Partner
5) Annual Travel Partner
6) Special General Workers PA
7) Student PA
8) Flexi PA Partner
9)  Group PA
10) Individual PA Partner
11) Traveller’s PA
12) DriveSafe PA


Motor Insurance
1)Medical Insurance
2)Property Insurance

Protection against loss or damage to your building or contents due to fire, lightning and explosion caused by gas used for domestic purposes.
Compensation for fatal injury occurring by visible violence caused by thieves or by fire.
Extend coverage to hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm to metal smoke stacks, awnings, blinds, signs and other outdoor fixtures and fittings including gates and fences.

Houseowners and Householders Insurance is a regulated class of insurance business and all policies must be written in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Revised Fire Tariff as laid down by the Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM).
The houseowners policy is designed to provide cover for the BUILDINGS of Private Dwellings and Flats whilst the householders insurance provides cover for the CONTENTS within the Private Dwelling. The coverage provided is divided into the following sections : 
Section I (Building) & Section II (Contents)
This insurance provides for protection against loss or damage due to:  
- Fire, lightning, thunderbolt and subterranean fire
- Explosion
- Aircraft or other aerial devices and/or articles dropped therefrom
- Impact with any of the buildings by any road vehicle or animals not belonging to or under the control of the Insured or any member of his family
- Bursting or overflowing of domestic water tanks, apparatus or pipes (unless the building is left unattended and excluding the first RM50.00 of each loss)
- Theft but only if accompanied by actual forcible and violent breaking into and out of the building or any attempt thereat
- Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm (excluding the first 1 % of sum insured or RM200 whichever is the lesser
- Earthquake, volcanic eruption (excluding the first 1 % of the sum insured or RM200 whichever is the lesser)
- Flood but excluding loss or damage caused by subsidence or landslip (excluding 1% of the sum insured or RM200.00 whichever is the lesser)
Section III (Other Contingencies)
This insurance can be extended to cover against:  
- Loss of rent in the event of loss or damage caused by the above perils causing the premises to be uninhabitable
- Public liability in the event of any legal liability towards third parties for any accidents caused.
MISC Insurance

Life insurance combines protection with a regular savings programme, setting aside your money, which is then managed by professionals to ensure that a particular need or goal is met, while still providing financial security against unexpected events.
It is also an excellent financial planning tool, helping your savings to grow so that you can plan for the future - whether for retirement or your children's education - with confidence.
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