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Good health starts with appropriate acid-alkaline balance in our body. The pH level of human bodies should consist more alkaline than acidic.
The pH level of our internal fluids affects every cell in human bodies. Human bodies should consist more alkaline than acidic.
When the pH of the body gets out of balance (too acidic), we may experience low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches and pains, and even more serious disorders. 
Prevention is Better than Cure
Company Profile
Tian Song pH Nine Naturals was established in 2006.  Our products are market tested and lab proven since 1998. Throughout the years, TianSong pH Nine Naturals has evolved to become the leading professional in the alkaline water ionizers industry. We are pround to be the most trusted brand for alkaline water.

Tian Song PH Nine Naturals has successfully grown its network to more than 50 authorized dealers nationwide since its establishment in 2006. In year 2009, Tian Song PH Nine Naturals has joint venture with one of the largest water ionizer manufacturer in Japan in order to expand the business to international market.  In addition, we have further strengthened the business relationship with other companies in Asia.


Our mission is to assist you on distinguishes drinking waters and how it may impact human health as verified by latest research and findings.


Human bodies are composed of 70-90% water. Thus, it is crucial to select a good water product from the water quality and human environmental health perspectives. We wish to present the fact of Prevention is better than Cure to all of you.

10 Reasons To Buy Kingen Alkaline Ionized Water  
Antioxidant property of this water affects the harmful free radicals in your body, making oxygen available to cancer cells. As such the cancer cells should be slowly eliminated and their gowth stunted.
Alkaline water is an anti-oxidant water, just as vitamin A,C and E. It will reduce cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals. 
With carbon pre-filter and subsequent electrolysis process, Kingen water can reduce the toxinthat we have taken in daily which is crucial for optimal health and well being. 
Alkaline water makes acidic foods and drinks more alkaline. It will improve the taste and quality of foods. 
Alkaline water has outstanding dissolving, extracting and anti-oxidizing properties that will enhance the effectiveness of any supplements you may be taking.
Give you skin a healthy and radiant shine by using mild acid 5.5 pH water as a skin water and cleaner.
Acidic water is ideal as a 100% safe alternative cleaner for bathroom, baby areas and toys. It can kill 99.9% of bacteria on contact. Besides, it can be sprayed directly onto our skin and into the throat to prevent a cold.
Alkaline water brings out the aroma, color and natural flavor of coffee, while reducing acidity taste. With alkaline water, we can make the same full taste of coffee by using small amount of coffee bean.
In tea, it prevents tannin and allows the tea to infuse fully, creating a rich color and taste.
Kingen Water will increase the level of oxygen which is required by every cell in our  body for respiration and nutrient breakdown purposes. 
Alkaline water can reduce the body's acidity and stop fat storage

Health Articles


Acidic Water 


-I used to wash my face with Kingen acidic ionized water, acne and freckles on my face significantly reduced, and my skin is much more smoother than before.
-  用Kingen酸性离子水洗脸,我脸上的暗疮与雀斑明显的减少,而且皮肤也光滑了许多。
Angie Lim (26 years old), Kulai


- I have athlete's foot, ionized water has solved my troubles. I soak my feet every day in the acidic ion water, my athlete's foot symptoms gradually improved.
- 我有香港脚,离子水解决了我的烦恼。我每天都将脚浸泡在酸性离子水里,我的香港脚症状渐渐的改善了。
Mr.Lee (33 years old), Subang

- My son tried to use acidic ionized water soaked bandage and rub at his injured leg.  It was not only for disinfectant but also stopped the bleeding. His leg has recovered very soon.
- 我儿子试过用酸性离子水浸泡过的敷布在灼伤处揉擦,它不但可以杀菌还能止血,使灼伤处迅速痊愈。
Mrs.Wong(41 years old),Petaling Jaya

- I find that clothes soaked in acidic ionized water would not have a little odor even though the clothes are not dry yet.
-  我发觉以酸性离子水浸泡衣服再拿出来晒,即使稍微不干的衣服也不会发出异味。
Mrs.Lau (40 years old),Segamat
Alkaline Water        
- I am diabetic patient, doctor has diagnosed my diabetes significantly improved a lot after driniking Kingen alkaline ionized water (six months),
Mr.Pang(56 years old),Petaling Jaya

- I come from Kulai, I found that my rheumatism has been cured after drinking alkaline ionized water about 4 months
- 我来自古来,喝了碱性离子水四个月,奇迹地发现我的风湿病已不再发作了
Mrs.Lim (55 years old),古来


- I have high blood pressure for many years, my blood pressure gradually drop off after I drinkingkaline ionized water.
- 我有高血压很多年了,饮用碱性离子水后,血压渐渐地下降了。
Mr.Loh(49 years old),Batu Pahat



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