Tian Song PH Nine Naturals was established in 2006. Our water products are market tested and lab proven since 1998. Through out the years, Tian Song PH Nine Naturals has evolved to become the leading professional in the alkaline water ionizers industry. We are proud to be the most trusted brand for alkaline water.


Tian Song PH Nine Naturals has successfullly grown its network to more than 50 authrorized dealers nationwide since its establishment in 2006. In year 2009, Tian Song PH Nine Naturals has joint venture with one of the largest water ionizer manufacturer in Japan in order to expand the business to international market.  In addition, we have further strengthened the business relationship with other companies in Asia.


Our mission is to assist you on distinguishes drinking waters and how it may impact human health as verified by latest research and findings.


Human bodies are composed of 70-90% water. Thus, it is crucial to select a good water product from the water quality and human environmental health perspectives. We wish to present the fact of Prevention is better than Cure to all of you.


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Good health starts with appropriate acid-alkaline balance in our body. The pH level of human bodies should consist more alkaline than acidic.