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Being Shiseido professional flagship salon, A-Saloon offers a wide range of complete personalised hair care services with the professional advice of a qualified Shiseido Professional Consultant Stylist. The salon boasts a unique sensory experience and offers a modernistic yet relaxing ambience in which the customers can experience an awakening of the senses and an pleasent feeling of beauty and well-being.

The signature of Shiseido has stood the test of time, being a trusted and high quality brand that is both classic and modern. The sensorial Shiseido in-salon offering is the ultimate in luxury hair care.

State-of-the-art Design
A-Saloon is the dream hair-salon for Internet buffs. Each spacious station is equipped with a 19-inch computer monitor and a wireless keyboard for the customers to surf the Net while they are having their hair done – a first of its kind facilities offered in a hair salon.

The design and layout of the salon is such that the customers are the focus and attention. Its interior creates for each segment a personal, almost intimate space that offers individual privacy.

Expertise Service
When you walk into the salon, a Shiseido Professional Consultant Stylist will begin with a detailed consultation to diagnose the needs of your hair and scalp and then select the in-salon ritual and personalized home care program best suited to your hair/scalp type.

Shiseido has developed a vast range of of personalized hair care products that target individual needs and desires. All Shiseido products and rituals are designed to enhance the natural beauty of the hair while maintaining the experience of complete well-being and relaxation.

The Team
Led by its artistic director and award-winning stylist Ken Hong, the artistic team of A-Saloon consist of the very best in hairdressing talent. Their cutting-edge, professional skills and inspirational styles make them much sought after.

Ken’s creative talents define and compliment each customer. In his pursuit of hairdressing excellence, Ken has travelled extensively to attend international courses, seminars and hair shows in the US, England, Holland, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

Team training with the best exponents of the hairdressing industry has always been at the forefront of A-saloon’s philosophy: that is, to uphold consistent quality and a personalised service, and has the best interest of its customers in mind.

Lot No. 2-24
Tel: 03-2142 6880