We are located strategically with convenient access in Muar town.

Mr. Lim Kwok Wai, an experienced much acclaimed fortune teller with precise analytical in-depth prediction. A true dependable fate consultant of solid standing.



1) Education

Specialist in students education guidance. Exposes various options for higher education courses and attainment, including business education programmes.

2) Career

Pursuit in life's career. Assist in making correct decisions regarding choice of profession.

3) Financial

A person's financial fortune is mapped out for future advancement and prosperity. Advise the right way to wealth.

4) Marriage

Councels a happy compatible marriage relationship towards a meaningful robust home. Solves marital problems.

5) Family Matters

Promotes family oneness. Identify problems. Eliminates difficulty and bring family together.

6) Health

Everyone needs good health. Well-ness is taught, so that one is assurred of a healthy life.

7) Sickness

How to avoid sickness is important. Learn the secrets of how to stay hail and hearty.

8) Public Relationship

Public relationship is the art of everyday life. Come and learn how to relate with people, associations, government departments' etc.

Please call now for appointment. If you are not convenient to visit our office, consultation can be conducted close-door or in private.

Special services offered: Free consultation every month for those in financial difficulties, we will determine their needs, offer posible solutions.


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