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We do responsible lending, which mean lending money to people who can afford to pay back, lending money to people that have a real need for emergency cash.

We do not want you to live beyond your means.

We don't want you to owe us money over a long period of time.

At here we will never:
  Encourage you to borrow money from us to buy something like a new TV or a travel ticket
  Offer you a "free" period of payment and no interest rate charges if you buy something now at
       double the market price
  Target people with debt problems or students as a another overdraft facility

At here we know that you are faced with a daily barrage of advertisements encouraging you to buy new things and spend more money – all of which just pushes you into more and more debt. We don’t want that.

At here all we do, is offer short term loans, instant cash advances, and alternative online loans, simply known as payday loans with no collateral required – to help you cover unexpected bills or expenses on an emergency basis.

Here only offers short term loans for 30 days or less and we don’t hit you with hidden charges.

With here there are no surprises and you always know what the cost of your borrowing will be in advance if you pay back on time.

The rates at here are much lower than those typically charged by banks for unauthorized overdrafts or over limit credit card balances and remember that unlike some banks and with us there are no hidden charges or similar nasty surprises, if you pay us back on the agreed date.

Here is all about transparency in our services, you know the cost, you know the repayment date and you know if you miss the repayment date.


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