他解释说:山番石榴是一般人说的雍树,这种药草,排毒解毒效果最佳,「而替人医病,首先要排毒解毒,然后才对症下药,否则便是治标不治本!」因此各种「成药」掺雍树成分,治病先去毒,符合治本之道。 陈医师家住霹雳珠宝(前称朱毛),他的住宅便建在雍



情牵雍树十九年的陈医师,深感这两种药草实在是无价之宝,对许多病症, 尤其是癌症和高血压,疗效奇佳。雍树满身是宝,叶、果、茎甚至树根,都有用!叶煲水喝,对皮肤病最好,酸澀带甜的果若拿来浸酒,可治乳癌和肿瘤,根可作跌打敷用并壮筋骨。经陈医师诊治的病人中,除了华人,也有马来人和锡克人。其中包括新加坡人,香港人和台湾人。

With the ambition to help more patients, Dr. Chan Chew Chok did not hesitate to spend millions of ringgit to cultivate two types of medical herbs, which are Randia spinosa (雍树) and Ficus carica (无花果). He has 19 years of experiences in medical herbs. Now he owns an herbal farm with around 5000 Randia spinosa (雍树) plants and 450 Ficus carica (无花果) plants. Besides that, there are some other medical herbs in the farm, such as Siraitia grosvenori (罗汉果), Polygonum multiflorum (山首乌) and Herba Elephantopi (地胆头). He has no regret yet no complaint after investing millions of ringgit in cultivating the medical herbs. For him, although earning money is encouraging, yet the most important is to help patient to recover from disease. This leads his satisfactory to the fullness.

Since the Asian finance crisis, Dr. Chan has more than 3000 patients approach him to seek for his help. All the medicine used is come from the medical herbs in his herbal garden. The main ingredient for the

medicine is Randia spinosa (雍树). He processes the medical herbs with some other valuable ingredients into different forms of medicine, such as pills, tablets, powder and other pharmaceutical products. Each type of medicine contains 20% to 30% of Randia spinosa (雍树) in the ingredients.

According to Dr. Chan, Randia spinosa (雍树) is very effective in detoxification. To cure a disease, the first step is to remove toxic from the body. Therefore, he includes Randia spinosa (雍树) in the medicine to help patients to get rid of the toxic, before apply other medicine specific for the disease. Dr. Chan stays at Chemor, Perak. His house is located in his herbal farm. Therefore, he carry out all the tasks in his herbal farm, included picking the herbs, pharmaceuticals, and medical treatment. At age nine, Dr. Chan already have the knowledge in picking up medical herbs for patients. His grandmother, who is expert in traditional herbal medicine, had affected him and taught him a lot about traditional medical herbs. When he grow up, he does not hesitate to invest millions of money in cultivating Randia spinosa (雍树) and Ficus carica (无花果) for the purpose of helping people.

Dr. Chan’s grandmother came from China to Malaysia before the world war. She stayed at Chemor and is well-known for disease treatment. She passed away at age of 104 years old on year 1982. His grandmother also leaves behind two copies of medicine secrets. All these medical tips are very precious and valuable. Since his grandmother passed away, he determines to follow her footstep to become a doctor and help people.

After 19 years of researches, Dr. Chan deeply feel that these two kind of medicinal herbs are priceless treasures towards many illness especially cancer and high blood pressure. The whole Randia spinosa (雍树) plant is valuable. The leaf, fruit, stem even tree root, all are useful! Drinking the water boiled with leaf is best for skin. The fruit can used to produce wine, which is very effective in curing the breast cancer and tumor. The root is useful in strengthening the bone. Besides Chinese, Dr. Chan has many other races of patients, such as Malay and Sikh, in which includes people from Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Address :Lot 34525,Desa Chemor Sinaran,31200 Chemor, Perak,Malaysia.
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