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The Waterproofing System.
Waterproofing Products Deliver The Answer To Your Construction Waterproofing Question In One Product.

The Future Of Construction Waterproofing.

waterproofing products has the definitive answer to all waterproofing requirements and specifications that are demanded by today's modern construction projects.
  • Our successful completed projects by using the revolution waterproofing technology is being satisfied by lots of industrial. the waterproofing system required no mixing with an easy application method suitable for all workers and it is 'superior' in environmentally safe technology.
  • Simple application and easy clean up with penetrating polymer system make waterproofing products the partner in your construction waterproofing success.

Waterproofing Products Are For All Waterproofing And Designed To Be Easy To Use And Accessible To Everyday Users:-

                         > No hacking required.
                         > No smell.
                         > No noise.
                         > Outdoor area.
                         > Service station etc...
How Many Products For The Job?
Our waterproofing products canbe used on all masonry and concrete structures - one product with one application.
With our no - mixing products, waterproofing is as simple as spray and Walk away. the application methods and procedures base on the project in hand.
> Back - pack - most common application - excellent coverage.
> Broom or small brush.
> Roll on and even mop applied.
Application only requires a clean, dry surface if you can saturate the concrete surface with our waterproofing product then you have finished.
Our average coverage is 40 - 60 sqft per liter in one single application meaning our waterproofing products are incredibly economical and result in general savings in downtime, workers and costly equipment.