Your voice is our voice;
Your welfare is our Priority.

"Bridging the gap between students and management."

Greetings from Student Council 2013!
2013 will be an exciting year for Student Council as well as fellow Curtin students on campus. Our plan is to enrich the campus atmosphere with variety of activities to join in, make new friends and enjoy yourself! All the updates of the activities will be posted in our official Facebook page. Please check it out for more:

The motto for 2013 is "Bridging the Gap between Students" We aim to be a channel for students through which they can find out their rights and voice their concerns.  Any issues, big or small, please do not hesitate to approach us. Drop by the Student Council office and the councillors will help and direct you to the right channel.

We are ready to serve. We are willing to work with you in order to make your Curtin experience a fulfilling one.


Greetings freshman!

First and foremost, I would like to gladly welcome you and congratulate your acceptance into Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia.  In Curtin, our growing student fraternity reflects an environment where students of diverse beliefs, cultures, and nationalities come together for the noblest of pursuits – to seek knowledge and gain valuable life experience. It is my hope that Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia would act as a catalyst to your future dreams and ambitions.

Despite being the Student Council President 2013, I was also a new student like you. There may be numerous challenges which you might face in the future, either academically, mentally, spiritually or you might just need a person to talk to.  Thus, the Student Council is here for you, sincere and passionate in lending you a helping hand to alleviate your concerns, which would hopefully provide you a better living and learning environment. The need for balance in a student’s life is very important and we seek to give you the proper avenues and facilities so that you could enjoy a well balanced experience here in Curtin University.

So please feel free to drop by at the Student Council Office to voice out, chat or even just to say Hi. We, the Student Council 2013 are humbly at your service. 

Your Voice is Our Voice; Your Welfare is Our Priority

President's Greetings
Jude Dominic Lim
Student Council President, 2013
Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia


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