GBSmenggabungkan penggunaan teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi  serta kaedah kerjasama
kumpulan kedalam satu sistem yang mesra pengguna. Boleh diakses 24 jam sehari,
di mana jua berada dengan kemudahan internet.
Satu kemudahan untuk semua rakan-rakan usahawan dan peniaga mempromosikan perkhidmatan,
 produk-produk perusahaan yang dikeluarkan, ke pasaran antarabangsa.
Kemudahan ini juga membolehkan rakan-rakan usahawan dan peniaga juga komuniti pengguna,
bersama rakan-rakan pengguna yang lain berurusan, melakukan transaksi urusniaga di dalam talian
(online) dan di dalam masa yang sama mewujudkan satu situasi menang-menang di mana
pengguna berupaya menjana pandapatan daripada aktiviti berbelanja manakala peniaga meningkatkan jualan.
We cover the complete spectrum of inkjet printing. Our printers produce super large images from standard 150dpi
(high quality for outdoor display) to an ultra-high resolution of 1440dpi. Large format images produced with
excellent ink saturation enables us to produce sharp and crisp copy types, logos and graphics on a wide array
of substrates. We also have our own design team as well as installation and construction department to provide
full, in-house, finishing services. We do it all for you. Our turn-around time is within 1 day. We are also equipped to
assist in additional production work.
Besides inkjet printing, we also provide computer-cut service, which is available in a wide variety of colors and
standard size rolls or sheets.
Whether your project is small or large, display signs or billboards, Big Vision provides professional-level products
and delivers on schedule.
We print directly onto a reinforced PVC
in full colour which means
you can have anything from simple 
text on a coloured background                 
or of course full colour photographic
quality images.  
 All our banners are printed
and finished to the highest
possible standard using only
the best of quality materials           
Van Sticker                 
Backdroup/ Billboard
Name card are usually
used to make the first
contact with pro
spectsand existing clients.
You can impress peers,
clients and associates if
you name card design
with thedesirable artwork and resulting to a card
 that you envision.                              
The greeting card is one
of the most effective
means forkeeping in touc  hwith friends,
family members and
even business associates                             
Leaflet can be used for
advertising or business
promotion. Remember
that leaflets are a quick
and easy tool for relaying
information. There are
manythings that you should
consider for leaflets printing
a side from the graphics
and designs you want.                                         
Another essential item that
can be usually found in offices
is the letterhead design. The
use of a letterhead enhances
the corporate identity of a
company especially if the
materials is intended to be
used for in the documentations
of the company                            
Product sticker or
label is an essential
business tool. It
introduce your product
to your potential
customer and it also
having the information
of the manufacture
Full color sticker
or label printing would
help your product to attract
more customers  
Paper  Bag 
A4 & A5 Size                           
Rubber Stamp / 
ID card  / Pvc Card                              
    Digital Print                             
   * Brochure Stands
   * Banner & Bunting
   * Life Size Standee
   * White Sticker
* Exhubition Display
* Portable Furniture
* Lightbox
* Rubber Stamps
   * Brochures
   * Calendars
   * CD Label Sticker
   * Envelope 
* ID card/PVC card
* Label Sticker
* Menu
* Name card 
* Poster
* Postcard
* Notebook
*Paper Bag
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