As your Community Pharmacy and Healthcare Partner, Lotus Pharmacy aim to offer a platform of public education on medication, its proper consumption on medicines and health products. Essentially, many of us would need some form of advice on medication intake at some time or other and definitely would benefit from the easy access of our friendly pharmacists and counter staff.
We provide the following services :
Blood Pressure Monitoring
Blood Glucose Test
Blood Chloresterol Test
Bone Scan
Fat Screening
Skin Anaylysis
Full Body Blood Test
Latest News :

Blood Pressure Monitoring
The blood pressure monitoring is free, available in all the Lotus branches.
Blood Glucose and Blood Chloresterol Test
The next free blood glucose test will be in ___/___/ 2012, (9am- 12pm) at Lotus ______________
The next free blood chloresterol test will be in ___/___/ 2012, (9am- 12pm) at Lotus ______________
Full Body Blood Test
The next blood test will be in ___/___/ 2012, (9am- 12pm) at Lotus ______________
With the corporation with Clinipath (M) Sdn Bhd, Lotus very offen carry out blood test for the public. We hope that this will gain the public conscious and awareness to their health. Just a few simple steps will let you know more about your body status. Why don't?
We will provide the professional pharmacists to reilleterate your report.
Package A :
RM 50.00
Package B :
For RM5.00
only each
For RM10.00
only each
For RM15.00
only each
For RM 25.00
only each
Full Blood Count
Full Blood Count
Hepatitis BCA 19-9HIV l & llHCV
Lipid Profile
Hepatitis BABO Grouping & RhCA 125ElectrolytesHomocysteine
Liver Function
Lipid ProfileBlood Film CommentCA 15-3T3Microalbumin
Renal FuntionLiver FunctionGGTHbA1cPSAEBV lgA/ VCA
Others (T4, VDRL)Renal FunctionH. PyloriHAV
Others (HIV l & ll))AFP