Lot 2130, Ground Floor,
Yakin Commercial Centre,
Jalan Jee Foh 4, 98000,
Miri , Sarawak.

Tel: +6019-8656789

At WINLIFE MARKETING, we understand the essence of appearance and asset management, be it interior or exterior. The company aims to provide cost effective solutions for long-term asset protection in various industries, namely New Construction & Development, Marine, Aviation, Land-based Transportation, Oil & Gas Materials, Residential & Commercial Properties.

To revolutionize the cleaning and maintenance sector by rightfully guiding Malaysians on the path of proper maintenance of their assets, is the ultimate mission of the company. In doing so, WINLIFE MARKETING would place itself on a pedestal to transform the overall outlook of the nation, in terms of its cleanliness.

"Protect Your Assets" is what we do best and it's staff work ethics are nurtured by 3 core principles;
Durable & Effective "Green" Solutions
Efficient Job Performance
Excellent After-Sales Service
The enhancement of it's structure has allowed Axstech Asia to go beyond borders to offer a wide variety of specialized solutions to common maintenance issues.
Waterproofing & Concrete Preservation
Protective Glass Coating
Water Repellence for Stone & Concrete
Solutions for Wooden Surfaces
Natural Stone Rejuvenation
Heat Reflective Paints
In a nutshell, WINLIFE MARKETING is an expert in the field of cleaning, restoration and maintenance of external facade of commercial high rise building, retail and industrial building. The company restores all types of aluminium panels, granite finishes, window glass, all types of masonry and stone finishes. In addition, the company also conducts remedial caulking (joint sealant) replacement works.


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