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aviance, by Unilever coming into Malaysia SOON!
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Go to my webpage below and click on "Sign Up". Then fill in my numbers:
去我的网页下方,点击 “Sign Up”。然后填写我的号码:

Referrer Mobile Phone Number: 0163338413
Referrer Postcode : 47301
Referrer Birthday : 1310

(Chinese version can only be seen after sign-up. 中文版只能看到后的注册.)

After that just follow instructions and you will have your own webpage to start the business. View all the products and check out the MNC! Contact me and I will help you to start build your own network.

Go to:

You can also contact me 您也可以与我联系 :
Email :
Mobile: 016 333 8413

We have ongoing meetings in July. Call me to join in!
我们现在正在进行的会议  邀请你去加入!


I have various other Business Opportunities available to U.

1. GBS Worldwide - A 3-in-1 system (SMS Broadcasting, Data Management, DIY Webpage).
Tax deductable! Join me Now and get Free Holidays!
2. Apex Investments - Unit Trusts, Online Share Trading, EPF Withdrawals.
Yes, earn commissions even for Online Share Trading!
3. Quality ex-factory Flannel Pyjamas (Export Quality) for Retailers.

Choose any that you like or choose all of them!
Call me at 016 333 8413.