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“A world of wealth is no better than good health”.  Mr. Wong Hock Yim, also known as Ironman, has an enviable physique. His success was not achieved overnight. During his young days, he was energetic and very activein sports. Unfortunately, he hurt his back without knowing it and the symptoms appeared a few years later. He suffered great pain. His strong character would not allow him to be defeated by pain and suffering. In fact, they were the driving force that made him learn the skill of massaging his back. Initially the experience was not pleasant and at one stage he was on the brink of giving up due to the
intense pain. However, his strong will and character drove him to try again and again. Finally, through years of trials and errors, he formulated 2 medicated liquid for therapy, YN Medicated Liquid and YN Essential Liquid. In 2006, they were approved and registered with the Ministry of Health as products safe to use. Continue...

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Q1: Why do we need this therapy?
To enhance blood circulation and support basic fundamentals of healthy cellular components.
Q2: Why do we use Medicated Liquid for a therapy?
To remove toxins accumulated inside the body.
Q3: Can I have a therapy during menses?
As most of us are aware, going for a therapy during menstruation is not advisable.
Q4: Can I have a therapy after meal?
It is usually better not to start a therapy immediately after meal. You should take a 30 minutes break before continuing with the therapy.
Q5: Are there any food I should avoid after my therapy?
Diet plays an important role in therapy. During and after therapy, it is recommended to eat at least 5 servings of fruits or vegetables each day. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides necessary fiber and antioxidants. Drink more water, have enough sleep and do exercises to improve blood circulation.
Q6: Can i take a shower right after a therapy?
No, it is not advisable to take a shower immediately after YN Therapy. You may do it 4-5 hours after treatment.

We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients for the quality of our products and treatment. Click on the link below to view all testimonials sampling from our clients.

Products & Services

You are making a right decision to try out YN therapy. This therapy is done on different parts of the body. If you have any question before you visit our centre, please refer to the FAQs section to see if your questions have been answered. Otherwise, you can direct your inquiries to YN Therapy Support Department.
The following treatments take between 20 to 120 minutes, depending on each patient’s conditions.
Migraine, blood clog, activate brain cell...
Anti-aging, stroke prevention, hearing problem...
Hand numbness, stroke prevention, shoulder pain...
Prevent heart problem, Intestine problem, diabetes prevention...
Rheumatic pain, muscle aches, leg strenghtening...
Backache, high blood pressure, insomnia...
Spinal ache, man/ woman problems...



YN Medicated Liquid and YN Essential Liquid
Both consist of quality chinese herbs with active ingredients. They are pleasant in odor, free from irritating substance and have no drug interactions. They are suitable for both adults and children.
YN Medicated Liquid(USD46)
- Mild in nature & suitable for adults and children.
- No side effect & will not repel other lotions used
- Useful whether staying at home, travelling or working
  in offices, work sites, farms, mines, plantations etc.
Effective for: numbness of hands and legs, dispelling wind and dampness, pain around waist, traumatic injuries and sprains, promoting circulation and relieve pains.
Instructions: Apply a few drops on the affected part and massage it gently.
Warning & Prevention: For external use only. Not for oral consumption and should not be used on pregnant women. Keep away from children. Store it in a safe place with a suitable room temperature. Good for use within 3 years.

YN Essential Liquid(USD60)
- No side effect & will not repel other lotions used together.

Effective for: Cleansing blood & detoxifying, reducing freckles and black spots, removing pimples, preventing & removing dark eye rings.
Instructions: Only few drops are needed to be effective.
Warning & Prevention: For external use only. Not for oral consumption and should not be used on pregnant women. Keep away from children. Store it in a safe place with a suitable room temperature. Good for use within 3 years.


Shape Up London

YN Therapy Recovery Centre is a property privately owned by Ironman Wong Hock Yim.  It is a brand new double storey semi-d located at Lebuh Puncak Jelapang consisting of 4 bed rooms and 3 bath rooms and spaciously built up in a gated and guarded community. It is in a peaceful environment with a hill view and beautiful waterfall. It is only a few minutes’ drive to Ipoh Town Centre. We provide a totally new approach for individuals who seek therapy healing.
Single Room (USD60)
There are two single bedrooms available. Both consist of a single bed, a TV, a wardrobe, a fan and a study table. An attached bathroom is located at the back of the room. The balconies offer good view of the surrounding forest and waterfall.
Share-Room - 2 persons (USD40 per person)
Share room for 2 persons is available for those who have come with a partner. There are 2 single beds, a TV, a fan, a wardrobe and a study table.
Share-Room – 4 persons (USD25 per person)
If you have a tight budget and do not mind to share room with others, this room is just right for you. There are 4 single beds, a TV, a fan and a wardrobe to share.
TV Hair Dryer Security Guard
Desk High-speed Internet Parking
Fan Refrigerator New Cell
Bath/ Hot Tub Laundry service New Cell
A single mattress can be added in the room with additional USD12. Meal is excluded in your room booking. You can place your order for breakfast (USD10), lunch (USD30) and dinner (USD30) after check-in. Kindly allow at least 30 minutes for food delivery.
Customers please call +605 5462811 or email us for advance booking. Free transport is provided for International customers. We will gather detailed information about your travel document and flight schedule to confirm your booking. When booking is confirmed, we'll arrange our staff to pick you up at Sultan Azlan Shah Airport in Ipoh.

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