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Nippon Sensu Energy Treatment Masque (250ml) SN33
Specially formulated for lifeless, dull & dry hair. Enriched with Jojoba Oil and Abyssinian Oil that help to nourish and condition hair from root to tip. Instantly nourishes your scalp and strengthens dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Leaves hair healthy, shine and soft.

含有机成分如甘蓝种子油 (Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil)。甘蓝种子油是一种独特的甘油三酸酯,这种润肤剂具有高含量的芥酸,再加上天然植物的维生素,使之非常稳定和滑润,保护头发脂膜和毛鳞片,减轻头发遭受烫和热的损坏。(注:可以每天使用)


Nippon Sensu Dandruff Shampoo (150ml) SN31
Nippon Sensu Dandruff Shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes to control flakes and reduce greasiness of the scalp. It is blended with pegaga and chamomile to condition and nourish the follicles. Use twice a week for a healthy scalp.

含有机成分如: 母菊花水 (Chamomilla recutita flowerwater) 可以改善渐进性脱发。而新生发质需要及时加固, 才可以育成为粗壮健康头发,及时给予秀发养分,植物防护网,以保护头发免受化学成分的刺激,给予均衡的营养补充。产品中丰富的奶脂蛋白,可深层滋养及润泽头发,使秀发健康成长,光滑如丝【别名】崩大碗(Pegaga extract) 学名:(Centellaasiatica),是伞形科积雪草属的一种一年生植物,生于田边,沟边低温处,又名积雪草,落得打,雷公根,柑壳草,阿萨姆人叫作manimuni。而憎伽罗语中称作(Gotakota)。功效:治疗脂溢性脱发之血热风暴型(包括雪虚风暴型)相当于干性脂脱。可以改善渐进性头发干枯或焦黄,头皮屑,头皮瘙痒等问题,达到滋养效果。 (注:不可以每天使用,一星期使用二次以取得最佳效果)


Nippon Sensu Hair Fall Control Shampoo (250ml) SN30
A herbal gently cleansing shampoo, enriched with pegaga and chamomile extract to nourish the scalp and strengthens hair shaft. Vitamin B5 is added to impart long lasting moisturization and increases the strength of the hair shaft.

含有机成分如: 母菊花水 (Chamomilla recutita flower water) 适合头皮出油者使用, 它能有效洁净头皮分泌过剩的油脂。使用后保持头皮结爽干净, 改善渐进性脱发,产品中的崩大碗(Pegaga extract) 可以改善渐进性头发干枯或焦黄,达到滋养作用,让发质不再干燥。(注:必须每天清洗)


Nippon Sensu Volumizing Shampoo (250ml) SN29
Specially formulated for dry and damaged hair from frequent coloring, chemical-treatment and blow-drying. Contains Jojoba Oil and Abyssinian oil for natural luster and shine. Use frequently to restore hair back to its natural state.

为滋养性洗发剂,含有机成分如:荷荷巴油 (Jojoba Oil) 和甘蓝种子油(Abyssinian Oil)又名甘油酸脂,有效清除头发外层的油脂和污垢,同时润滑头发脂膜和毛鳞片。使干性头质恢复活力,并缓和分裂和凌乱,使用后给于清爽感觉。(注:可以每天使用)


Nippon Sensu Energy Curl (250ml) SN28
Nippon Sensu Energy Curl smoothes and softens tight curls that tend to frizz. Helps to bring out the curls and perms naturally without stiffness and keeps curls shapely and resilient. Frequent use will help to keep hair tamed and defined. Ideal for everyday usuage for a soft natural hold.

含有机成分甘蓝种子油 (Abyesinian Oil) 含有丰富天然植物精华滋润秀发。此霜不油腻, 不僵硬,无论是冷烫,低温烫或热烫皆可使用,该产品可使秀发呈现出自燃和柔软的卷度,增添女人感性的一面。


NipponSensu Energy Rebuilder (180ml) SN27
Nippon Sensu Energy Rebuilder is an excellent leave in conditioner for damaged, fine or limp hair. Detangles, hydrates and protects with silk essence for a luxurious, soft smooth feel. Suitable for use before blow-drying to protect against heat. Recommended for pre-coloring, perming and rebonding.

含有机成分如甘蓝种子油(Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil)。甘蓝种子油是一种独特的甘油三酸酯,这种润肤剂具有高含量的芥酸,再加上天然植物的维生素,使之非常稳定和滑润,保护头发脂膜和毛鳞片,减轻头发遭受烫和热的损坏。(注:可以每天使用)


Nippon Sensu Scalp Therapy (120ml) SN26
Nippon Sensu Scalp Therapy specially formulated for thinning hair, helps to improve hair shaft texture while protecting and slowing down the aging process. Enriched with soy proteins and wheat proteins that help to revitalize scalp condition for a healthy balance and promote a healthy hair root. Pro-vitamin B5 also help to strengthen hair shaft and provide moisturizing to the hair. Suitable for all hair types.

含多有机成分如丰富大豆蛋白,小麦蛋白和维生素B5,有助于头部的毛细血管扩张, 可增加头发的营养,提高头发的韧性。产品的人参萃取拥有杀菌,止痒和去头皮屑功效。而薄荷叶则有助于去除头皮油脂和刺激头皮,加强血液循环,减缓头皮老化。


Nippon Sensu Energy Essence (120ml) SN25
Nippon Sensu Energy Essence is a rich, protective oil that nutrition and condition all day long keeping hair soft and manageable Wheat Germ oil and Sunflower Extract help to nourish and revive the hair While supplying a soft sheen that can be built from “barely there” to a fully “wet” appearance. Prevent split ends and frizziness. Leave hair look glossy, smooth and healthier.

含有机成分如天然向日葵 (Sunflower Extract) 提取物,再加上维生素F和B5对染烫后的头发具有神奇修
复功效,拥有比起抗氧化剂高出三倍的功能,有效保护发色,使秀发得到加倍的呵护,更显柔顺,同时还能降低分叉率,产品的小麦胚芽油(Wheat Gem Oil) 含有维他命E,能平滑滋润发丝,强化发丝内部组织,修复和收紧受损毛鳞片,给予干枯及容易折断秀发特别滋养。



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