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01. Change User Password
02. Reset Password Send to User Register Handphone
03. Print Software Invoice
04. Print SMS Credits Purchase Receipt

Data Management Software – (DMS)

01. How To Change DMS Menu Bar Content Name
02. Personal Data Management
03. Family Data Management
04. Customer Data Management
05. Supplier Data Management
06. Employee Data Management
07. Organizer
08. How to Add “Additional field” in Organizer
09. How to Add “Remark Template” in DMS Remark area
10. How to Add additional field in DMS Form
11. How to attach a File folder OR individual file or picture content to DMS data
How to Import Data to DMS

Information Management Software (IMS)

01. How to Add New Phone Book
02. How to add hand phone number into phone book
03. How to “Import phone number” from Excel File to phone book
04. How to merge two or more phone book becomes a new phone book
05. How to Export phone book content to “Excel File”
06. How to Export phone book to other “GBS User”
07. How to add additional phone content fields
08. How To Send SMS

09. How To Set Schedule SMS Message
10. How To Send Personalized SMS

DIY Webpage

01. DIY Webpage Design Program