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Benefits of SMS marketing

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Benefits of SMS Marketing

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SMS Marketing is the most direct way of contacting new, potential and existing customers and has been proven to generate a solid increase in sales! Our system can send SMS from PC (Web) to mobile phone. It can save a lot of time when you wish to send SMS to many contacts at a time. Besides, it do have features like Schedule SMS and Personalized SMS. Scheduled SMS allow you to pre-set when you want to send your SMS. Personalized SMS allow you to do SMS content merging, for example, when Steven receive your sms, it will display "Dear Steven".


SMS Messaging & Bulk SMS can be used for:

►  Inform customers of product launches, product promotion related news

►  Notify debtors about account balances exceeded or overdue

►  Send out coupons

►  Send out greetings

►  Send out invitations

►  Send price changes and stock information to clients or sales staff

►  Inform staff of meetings or schedule appointment reminders

►  Run campaigns and competitions



GBS web based SMS management system allows you to:

►  Send SMS from any Computer OR Hand phone with internet facility

►  Scheduled messages in advance

►  Send Personalized SMS



The reasons why you should using SMS Marketing:

►  Text messaging is affordable

►  Text messages arrive instantly

  Insanely high open rates, 97% of recipients will view your message within the first 25 minutes!

  Point to point reach your target audiences (Potential customers)

  Everyone has a mobile phone (Malaysia have more than 30 millions hand phone users)

  Text messaging is green; SMS Marketing campaigns will drive sales and save the environment too!



WHY GBS SMS Marketing?

►  Save time & money - Is cheaper to send Bulk SMS using our system than by hand phone, hand
    phone capacity only 8-10 SMS/ minutes & normally cannot handle volume. Just click using our
    system, enable you send a message to thousands hand phone within one minute.

►  Access anytime, anywhere - As long you have computer OR Hand phone with internet access.

►  Fast, reliable, secure - Increase sales, publish announcement, news, events, promotions, deals to
    attract customers

►  Reduce the cost of ICT Operations - Company need not make call to tell something that will take
    your phone bill costs. By sending a SMS, it certainly reduce the cost of ICT effectively

  Extremely user friendly SMS system

►  Increase customer retention

►  Increase loyalty

►  Increase brand awareness

►  Instant delivery.  Fast & Easy!

►  Message delivery report for future references.

►  SMS credits NO expiry date

►  Lifetime license


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